Lesley Andrew – Teaching, Adjudicating & Directing Experience

Private Drama/Voice Instruction

The Lesley Andrew Drama & Voice Studio (Dream In Progress Productions - Stratford and London, Ontario) has been in operation for over ten years. Students range in age from 4 to 75 years, both professional and amateur levels, up to 35 students a week. A biannual recital showcases each student’s progress in drama & voice.

Character Development using various techniques
Text analysis (Shakespearean, modern, poetic and song text)
Story telling devices (pitch, dynamics, tempo)
Use of body/center of gravity
Mask work
Performance skills (memory, approach to blocking, communication with audience, working with directors)
Use of opposites, finding the ‘funny,’ upping the anti, the where/why/who and when.
Speech delivery
Substitution / imagination / improvisation
Multiple discipline studies (combining the arts & multiple intelligence)
Sight reading/theory
Vocal / performance technique in all genres of music
Programming & creating the play
Script writing
Image consulting / stage deportment
Solo and ensemble work (drama & voice)
Acting / singing coaching and preparation for professional, post secondary institution, & competition auditions
Poetry recitation

Intensive Studies In Theatre Programme

Three sessions (4 - 6 students per session) are offered to children ranging in age from 5 – 17. Sessions culminate in a performance where each participant delivers a Shakespearean and contemporary monologue, a chorus poem (a la Greek theatre style), a solo and ensemble song, scene study from both Shakespearean and contemporary periods, and a ‘create your own skit’ using masks. Students make their own masks and learn how to use them to create character. Archetypal figures are used to teach story writing. Journals are a daily activity. Each participant is responsible for gathering props, and is taught how to create and promote a production. Performances have taken places at the Stratford Festival and at various churches throughout the city of Stratford. The Intensive Studies in Theatre Program is now in its fifth year, with each year expanding to include more sessions to meet the demand.


10 years adjudicating experience in Speech Arts, Drama, Junior / Senior Voice, Pop Music and Choral Music. Masterclasses often included.
London Kiwanis Festival
Kitchener Waterloo Kiwanis Festival
Kingston Kiwanis Festival
Stratford Kiwanis Festival (4 years), Chatham Kiwanis Festival, Windsor Kiwanis Festival, Walkerton Rotary Festival (2 years), Grey County Kiwanis Festival (2 years), Guelph Kiwanis Festival, Barrie Kiwanis Festival
Mitchell (two years)
St. Thomas (two years)
Queens County (PEI)
Kings County (PEI)
NATS (Michigan USA, London ON)

Directing Experience

The Telephone - Opera
The Guelph Spring Festival

Three’s Company – Opera
The Guelph Spring Festival
Guelph, Ontario

Celebrating Rodgers –
Hammerstein & Hart
CBC Radio
Music Around Us
Toronto, Ontario

The Pajama Game - Musical
Music Director/Acting Coach
Stratford Community Players
Stratford, Ontario

Hamlet – Opera Excerpt
The Stratford Festival
Tom Patterson Theatre
Summer Music
Stratford, Ontario

The Medium – Opera Excerpt
The Stratford Festival
Tom Patterson Theatre
Summer Music
Stratford, Ontario
Sondheim Review
Assistant Director
Viva Voce Series
Waterloo, Ontario

Centre In The Square
Children’s Program
Voice Coach
Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario

The Upstairs Bedroom – Opera
WLU Graduate Level Production
Waterloo, Ontario

Shakespearean Scene Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University
Drama Program
Waterloo, Ontario

The Medium – Opera Except
Acting Coach
WLU Undergraduate Level
Waterloo, Ontario

New Faces Summer Program for Children
Music Director/Acting Coach
Hamilton, Ontario

Spirit Singers - Choir
Music Director
Stratford, Ontario

Lesley Andrew – Education & References

Honours B.A. Music, Second Study Fine Art, Opera Diploma
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON Canada
University of Waterloo (Fine Art), Waterloo, ON, Canada


2007 - Masters of Music, Performance & Literature, University of Western, Ontario
1985 - 1987 Private Voice Training (Eleanor Calbes)
1987 - 1991 Honours Bachelor of Arts, Music, Voice Performance (Dr. David Falk)
1987 - 1993 Second Study Fine Arts
1991 - 1993 Opera Diploma (Dr. Leslie De’Ath)
1989 - 1991 Baroque Studies (Michael Purves-Smith)
1988 - 1991 Classical & Contemporary Theatre (Kevin Orr, Dr. Leslie O’Dell)
1989 - 1991 Acting for Singers (Dr. Leslie O’Dell)
1989 - 1991 Directing (Dr. Leslie O’Dell)
1993 - 1995 Private Coaching in Acting (Michael Mawson & Bernard Hopkins, The Stratford Festival)

References available upon request